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Christopher has a variety of necklaces in his portfolio and is also  happy to consider any ideas which you may have in mind - one of the most popular items here is the hallmarked pendant, which was designed by a client as presents for her bridesmaids.

Simple Pendants

Each of these pendants comes with a 1.2mm wide silver snake chain as standard. However, Christopher can also supply these pendants with a 3mm torque or a 1.5mm springy necklet (click here to see examples).
pendant_nl.JPG (21398 bytes)

Hallmarked Pendant

Lightly planished so that it has an interesting texture. Can be worn with the hallmarks on the front or the reverse


3 pendant chain 2.JPG (35898 bytes)

3 Pendant Necklace

Made with three delicate pendants.

leaf pendant 2.JPG (36352 bytes)

4 Leaf Pendant

The first of these was made by Christopher to improve his very delicate soldering technique and use up some of his smaller silver titbits. Luckily it proved quite popular.

small shell large.JPG (28033 bytes)

Small Shell Pendant

Made by casting the silver shell in a cuttlefish bone, a primitive but effective technique. Measures 1.6cm across.

large shell nl.JPG (29211 bytes)

Large Shell Pendant

Made as above but using a bigger shell to make the impression. This measures 2.8cm across.



More Eye Catching Pieces

The design and construction of each of these has drawn on a broader base of jewellery and sliversmithing techniques than Christopher's pendant range, and the pieces reflect this in the way that their disparate parts work together as a whole.
concrete nl 2.JPG (54028 bytes)

Concrete Necklace

A piece of industrial design, using concrete as the stone anchored within the silver collets (see detail). To keep the necklace shape, silver tube is used as spacers on a non-silver chain. A sister piece to Christopher's Concrete Cufflinks.
Can be made with varying numbers of squares, or they can be made in different shapes (pendant, star, etc).

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Linked chain big.JPG (63063 bytes)

Linked Chain

Each segment of this necklace has a cusped surface and acts as a link in the chain. The result is a formal piece which sits well and reflects beautifully.
Different link shapes and sizes will be considered

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Pendant torque.JPG (30402 bytes)

Pendant Torque

With many planished pendants decreasing in size from the centre, this piece sparkles as they move together.
The photo shows a necklace with 45 pendants, although different numbers are available (35 is standard).

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