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Apart from a wide selection of cufflinks and necklaces, Christopher also makes silver key rings, collar stiffeners, hairclips belts and napkin rings:


fish kr 1.JPG (21996 bytes)

Fish Key Ring

Quite a fun item, the fish is attached to a solid silver split ring for holding the keys. Other designs considered, please see the commissions section for more detail.

collar stiffs.JPG (28113 bytes)

Collar Stiffeners

Worn by at least two captains of industry, these are an excellent example of understated luxury. Come packaged in a handmade leather carrying roll. Please specify make of shirt this is going to be used in most often when ordering.

money clip 1.JPG (23193 bytes)

Money Clips

Available with the hallmarks on the front (as shown) or the back. The configuration of these may differ from those shown.

shirt studs 3.JPG (28468 bytes)

Shirt Studs

Plain silver with rounded tops, a simple and stylish finishing touch to a formal shirt. Sold in sets of 4 (3 in use, one spare) unless otherwise requested.



Both belt styles suit men and women equally and are available dark brown or black. The standard belt width is 1 1/4 inches (3cm), other widths may be available on request. Hallmarking styles my also be changed to suit your preferences.
Chris uses English stirrup leather to make belts, this is a vegetable tanned, very thick leather usually used to attach stirrups to a saddle. He finds that it does not stretch like other leather, and it smells lovely. Where sewing is done, Chris saddle stitches the leather, this is done by hand using beeswax coated linen thread and each stitch is a knot so that it a line of stitching can never run.
When ordering your belt, please provide Christopher with an accurate belt measurement - this is obtained by following the directions found here.

belt 1.JPG (35683 bytes)

Sling Belt

This design was inspired by the old US Army rifle sling. The buckles are attached to the leather with hand made silver rivets. 


Belt, medium, s.JPG (14271 bytes)

Traditional Belt

A more traditional style of buckle, discretely hallmarked and hand stitched to a leather belt. The buckle shown here is a medium, more delicate or chunky sizes are also available.



hair_clip_2.JPG (6073 bytes)

Silver Hair Clip

This stylish hair clip is a solid bar of silver which is riveted to a standard springy hair clip back. Also available without hallmarks.

cube_hc_1.JPG (6630 bytes)

Silver Cube Hair Band

A fun approach to hair ties, one cube slips over the other to fix them together.

hair grip side.JPG (20968 bytes)

Silver Hair Grip

A traditional hair grip measuring 6cm across and with a mirror finish. This design is a beautiful balance of weight and strength, click here for more detailed pictures.


Napkin Rings

nr 1.JPG (17764 bytes)

Silver Napkin Rings

These lovely napkin rings use hallmarking as their decoration and are available in the very solid 74g ring (on the right in the photo) or the standard 35g napkin ring. Make an excellent christening present and go particularly well with the large linen napkins made by the White Company. Discounts available for large sets.