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Many of the pieces which Christopher makes use hallmarks as part of the decoration. These are stamped by the London Assay Office, which has been ensuring the quality of silver since the 13th century. These marks allow the identification of the year that an object was made, who made it, where it was marked and the quality of the metal used.

The table below explains how these work:

Makers Mark
This is Christopher's registered mark, which can be struck in either a large 3.5mm size or a small 1mm size.
Sterling Mark (Lion Passant)
The English mark for Sterling grade silver.
Parts Per Thousand Mark
Introduced as part of an E.U. marking standardisation. Means the same as the Sterling Mark.
The Leopard
Indicates that this item was stamped by the London Assay Office.
The Year
Always a letter in a shield. The font and shield design are changed every cycle to ensure that these are unique. The cycle turned over this century, with 2000 being A.
Special Marks
From time to time the Assay Office will create special marks. There was one for the millennium (2000 in a cross) and in 2002 the Queen's head was available to commemorate the Jubilee.