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Glass Pendants

Unlike the other work on this web site, these pendants were made by an American glass artist called Tom Galbraith, whom Chris met whilst at a glass blowing course in Turkey.

Tom makes these beads in borosilicate glass (the same as Pyrex) so they are quite strong, and the swirly colours he gets by fuming gold and silver into the glass by putting a metal wire into the burner flame, where it vaporises onto the bead. The mushrooms look cool, but Chris has no idea how Tom makes them. Each bead is around 2.5cm wide.

These are all one off pieces, so if you would like one, let Chris know which pendant you are interested in so that he can make sure they are still in stock. As standard they will come with a 16 inch leather necklace, if you would like something different please mention this so that it can be priced in.

Silver Fumed Pendants

SF1 50

SF2 50

SF3 50
Gold Fumed Pendants

GF1 50

GF2 50

GF3 50
Mushroom Pendants

SH1 50

SH2 50

SH3 50

SH4 50

SH5 50

SH6 45

SH7 50

SH8 45
Opal Pendant

OP1 60